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Enjoy Your Design © Copyright
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Istanbul, Turkey

A postgraduate Architect.

A curious, half-insane, and completely obsessive person.

I am crazy about decorating my house, continuously struggling with ‘how to improve oneself?’ issues, and all the time trying to lose some weight!

"Life is a beautiful mess" and I want to show colorful and esthetic sides of this mess to you!

I have several years of experience in international construction companies as a project manager architect. I love my profession but always have a deeper love for painting, designing smaller things, and having my own design studio.

In 2013 I quit my daily job as an architect, started my small business. In 2014 I rented my design studio - Mimarca İşler - and started to sell home decor accessories and personalized gifts. I am working more and harder than ever before and I love every second of it!

Enjoy your design is my second baby, where I am selling my digital illustrations as downloadable prints.⁠ Although I am familiar with brushes and paints as a former painting student, I am obsessed with digital illustration since the day I met and I am consistently drawing since then.⁠

My designs reflect my personality which is colorful and energetic. I’m also inspired by art, geometry, cultures, and of course architecture. All my designs have something to tell, and I hope they will bring cozy, unique, colorful and meaningful touches to your decor at an affordable price!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my story.

Enjoy your design,

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Enjoy Your Design © Copyright
Enjoy Your Design © Copyright
Enjoy Your Design © Copyright
Enjoy Your Design © Copyright
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